Innovative Urban heat island projection method published 02 June 2015

The Urban Climate experts have developed an innovative, fast en reliable method to quantify the urban heat island effect. This method is now published inside the Climate journal and can be downloaded here

The work described in this paper has received funding from the European Community’s 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreements Nos. 308497 (RAMSES) and 308299 (NACLIM).

UrbClim model published in "Urban Climate" journal 07 January 2015

The UrbClim model has been published inside the Urban Climate journal. It can be downloaded here.

The First NACLIM project video has been released 14 February 2014

Bino appears in a small piece in the regional news (VTM). 31 July 2013

Bino was contacted via the Ghent city authority to feature in a small TV-news piece on our urban climate study in Ghent.


City of Ghent urban climate study recieves ample media coverage 10 July 2013

Flemish news papers give ample coverage to our urban climate study for the city of Ghent. Here is an (incomplete) list : 

  • "Gent-centrum tot 8 graden warmer dan daarbuiten",  De Standaard
  • "Gent-centrum tot 8 graden warmer dan randgemeenten", De Morgen
  • "Gent-centrum tot 8 graden warmer dan daarbuiten", Het Nieuwsblad

City of Ghent releases results of urban climate study 09 July 2013

The city of Ghent has made the results from our urban climate study in Ghent public. The press release with the report can be found on the site of "Het Gents Klimaatverbond".

Mobile measurements in Ghent 20 August 2012

Saturday night, August the 18th, was the second hottest night in Belgium since the start of the observations, with temperatures at Uccle not dropping below 23 °C. Reason enough for the Urban Climate Lab to drive a number of transsects through the Belgian city of Ghent for a quickscan of the air temperature distribution. The results of these measurements will be used to complement the results from our heat map project for the city of Ghent.